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Empowering children with disabilities to thrive.

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We are Disabled Children’s Fund (legally incorporated as Compassion Care for Disabled Children).  We were founded in 1997 by Dr. Dave Hungerford, an orthopedic surgeon from Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Originally organized as a fellowship of volunteer orthopedic healthcare providers with the common objective of sharing God’s love through orthopedic services to the underprivileged throughout the world, we realized that more was needed.  We incorporated as a non-profit, 501(c)(3), corporation in the District of Columbia. In partnership with other Christian ministries, we expanded our mission to provide services to disabled children worldwide.

Disabled Children's Fund and Interfaith group, August, 2017
Honoring DCF Board President Jerry Nelson as he transitioned to President Emeritus. The plaque was prepared by Good Life Ministries (GLM), with a LOT of involvement and help from Rebecca Joy Leid.
2019 DCF Board

Over the years, DCF healthcare professionals have provided orthopedic and rehabilitative related services that have made a major impact on the lives of disabled children living in countries in which they are without funds or health insurance, and where such services and supplies are largely non-existent.

In our international work, we partner with carefully vetted local organizations to assist children with special needs and their families who struggle to make ends meet given impoverished circumstances.

We have also created, and are continuing to grow, an additional major program area here at home: assisting U.S. military families with children who have disabilities.  We do this by partnering with the Defense Department’s Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) to help Military families with disabled children.

While taxpayer dollars provide basic clinical services, many “quality of life” programs are not funded. Disabled Children’s Fund is working to help mitigate this funding shortfall.  For those who sacrifice so much for our country, we strive to ease the challenges faced by a family when their child has special needs.

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