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Global Outreach and Partnerships

We work side-by-side with in-country partners to provide medical services, mobility devices and other life changing resources desperately needed in communities.


Compassion Care for Disabled Children (aka Disabled Children’s Fund) is partnering with Mission to Ukraine (MTU), which currently serves over 600 kids with disabilities, who now find themselves sheltering at this very moment.  Many of these children and their families can’t flee. The staff is determined to stay with the children, no matter what.

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MTU is in the Western part of the country near the Polish border, and we are still able to make sure they continue to have funds, physical supplies of food, medicine and other needed items.  Please join us to help support these children, their families, and the staff. You may save a life.



We provide funding and program management support to our partner at Beeline Wheelchair in Guatemala to manufacture wheelchairs that empower disabled children by giving them mobility.  This access profoundly changes daily life making it possible to do normal activities like attending school.  Plus, the wheelchairs are new, not old.  We believe that a new wheelchair can drastically alter a child’s self-esteem and even influence the perception of others.  The chairs can also be modified to “grow with” the child.

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Your donation can go toward making a new wheelchair possible for a disabled child in need.  $350 covers the cost of a custom-fit wheelchair for a disabled Guatemalan child at no cost to their families.  As a sidenote, many of Beeline’s employees are in wheelchairs themselves.


Working with our in-country partners Supreme Task International, and Samaritan’s Purse, we provide wheelchairs to those disabled children in need. Mobility literally opens up doors for children, and their families, making it possible to embrace normal childhood experiences like playing outside, attending school or going to the market.

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Donations are used to provide children in various countries (like Kenya) with the wheelchairs they need to access normal everyday activities. $450 covers the cost of a new, or completely refurbished, wheelchair provided through Disabled Children’s Fund.


We have a staff of dedicated employees on the ground in India focused on Project Vijay.  Named after a remarkable young man who defied all odds, the donations of food, medical supplies and physical support provided by Disabled Children’s Fund, are helping families with disabled children to do more than survive, but to thrive.

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Providing custom-fit wheelchairs in this country cost $450 each.  A donation of $45/month provides food and vitamins for a disabled child, and their entire family.

Urgent Donations Needed

Disabled Children’s Fund is rushing supplies to pandemic-stricken regions in India.

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A gift of $20 provides a caregiver with proper PPE gear to allow them to work with families who have a disabled child during the Covid 19 crisis.

We have identified 11 children who have the potential to recover from disabling medical conditions.  The cost to receive medical treatment is $5000 per child.  Today, two children are receiving this life-altering treatment.  More donations on this front are desperately needed and will make it possible for more children to be treated.


When natural disasters occur, Disabled Children’s Fund steps in to help.

One example includes Thailand where we worked with our in-country partners to repair a medical and dental clinic that was severely damaged by an earthquake.

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When you give, you change lives in dramatic ways. Even the smallest donation can make a profound difference for those who are left reeling from the aftermath of disaster.

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