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We believe disabled children, and their families, need extraordinary help when times are far from ordinary, like during the COVID-19 global crisis.  Here are just a few examples:

India Covid Supply Initiative

DCF is partnering with other charities to help with this immediate and critical need in India.  Pallets of Ventilators, Oxygenators, Oxygen tanks, and PPE gear are being flown in to help fight the Covid 19 variant that has gripped the nation.  Although we are helping the highest priority cases, we do have a focus on helping families where a disabled child is involved.

Ethiopia Mossy Foot Project

DCF financially supports the efforts of The Mossy Foot Project, with special focus on helping disabled Ethiopian children suffering from this devastating condition.  Life-changing resources of medical treatment, prevention, education, and vocational training bring health and a message of hope.

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A $20 donation can provide supplies (shoes and ointment) and treatment for a child suffering from Mossy Foot disease.


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